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Deciphering Docility

Debunking the myth of mean cows make good mothers to create a more enjoyable and safe farming experience

What We Do

Every year we consult with bull customers that tell us that “they want a good one.” After a few more questions, it becomes obvious that what is a good one varies to every cattleman out there. Some people want smaller cows to decrease over wintering costs, some people want larger framed cows to have steers perform better in the feedlot, some people want female traits, some people want carcass traits, and most people want calving ease. It is this diversity in the cattle industry that makes a sale like Red Fest work. Four families with different breeding philosophies have come together to fill the niche of genetic diversity in the Red Angus breed in Southwestern Wisconsin.

We all believe that cattle need good structure, individual performance, good temperament and with accurate information and EPD’s to improve your ability to select what you need for your herd. We do not try to breed our cows the same between the different families. The diversity of sires and cow family lines allows us to reach out to a much wider audience than any of us could do on our own.

Thank you for taking time to look at our cattle and feel free to contact any of the Redfest families with questions.

-Dan Buckhaus DVM,
4B Red Angus LLC.

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