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As small producers we knew that banding together instead of competing against each other would prove beneficial for Red Fest members and customers alike. Allowing customers to view and purchase cattle from multiple producers all at the same sale for convenience.

4B Red Angus

4B Red Angus was founded in 2010 by the purchase of 6 Red Angus heifers. We always knew we wanted Red Angus cattle due to their calm disposition and outstanding maternal characteristics. We continued to grow our herd while focusing on skeletal and muscular conformation, calving ease and maternal characteristics. Our vigorous culling practices paired with stringent sire selection and embryo transfer has allowed us to create a herd we are truly proud of. After years of hard work we are happy to share what we have created with you. 


Kluesner Family Cattle

Kluesner Family Cattle located in Southwest Wisconsin near the Mississippi River is owned and operated by Tony & Brenda Kluesner and Family. We are very proud of our cattle for all we expect and require of them during the year, our non-pampered herd goes to work every day! Our females are expected to make the most of their environment while maintaining her condition, raising a good calf and breeding back. We are passionate about making cattle better and continue to focus on growth, strive for great maternal traits and good feet.


A&J White Cattle Co.

A&J White Cattle Co. is a family run farm nestled in the rolling hills of southwest Wisconsin. We started with our first registered cattle in 2005 with hopes of improving our commercial cattle herd and it's grown from there and become a passion. Our goal is to produce hard working cows that breed up and feed up. Maternal performance paired with growth and high end product merit, we strive to produce cattle that work!



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Mathews Farms

Mathews farms is owned and operated by Pete, Robin and Hunter Mathews. We started breeding Red Angus in 1987 and have grown our herd to 200 mother cows.

We focus on AI and embryo transfer which allows us to utilize the top genetics in the country. 

Our mission statement is to produce structurally sound and high-performance cattle that meet the demands of other producers across the country 

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